The Event Lead Capture Solution Built For Exhibitors

Capture leads and integrate with leading CRM and Marketing systems including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua and Hubspot. No more unqualified and lost leads. No more delays in follow up. No more missed opportunities.


Book your online demo and learn how Akkroo helps exhibitors:

  • Engage, capture & take action with leads straight from the show-floor
  • Integrate event qualified leads into existing sales and marketing workflows
  • Power data-driven decisions on when & where to exhibit in the future

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Our clients love using Akkroo to capture more qualified leads at events. Here’s why…

  • Akkroo has meant 99% accurate lead collection at every event, big or small, and put all of our leads in one place, ready for prompt post-event action.



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  • Our team immediately found that Akkroo speeds up the event lead capture process. We are now able to follow up on hot event leads quickly to nurture relationships and close new deals. 


    Danielle Ravenshorst Marketing Manager EMEA logo-ocean optics
  • Akkroo has allowed us to drastically improve the quality of leads we collect at events and has enabled our sales team and others to just have better quality conversations with potential customers at events.

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Meet Akkroo... a powerful, universal Event Lead Capture solution that connects your events, sales and marketing.

For Marketing Teams

Capture, integrate & report on event leads with ease

Here’s how we help marketing teams:

  • Create and customize great looking event lead capture experiences.
  • Prepare personalised, tailored follow up emails that will be automatically sent to leads.
  • Integrate and review event qualified leads in your Marketing Automation or CRM.
  • Accurately report event ROI and power data-driven decisions on when & where to exhibit in the future.
Akkroo Event Lead Capture

For Sales Team

Capture & collect the information you need to close a deal

Here’s how we help sales teams:

  • For mobile, tablet and the web, the customisable Akkroo app allows you to scan business cards, attendee badges and collect contact details alongside that all-important qualifying information.
  • Present sales and marketing content from within the Akkroo app, flag hot leads immediately and automatically start the post event follow up process from the show floor.
  • View, access and take appropriate action with your leads, immediately. Funnel hot leads straight into your CRM ready for rapid follow-up.
Akkroo Event Lead Capture


Streamline your event data process and never lose a lead again

Here’s how we help CRM teams:

  • Take control of every contact and route them to exactly where you want them.
  • Integrate event leads with leading CRM and Marketing Automation systems including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot and more.
  • Accurately report event performance and ROI.
Akkroo Event Lead Capture
“The software is simple, effective and easy to use. Exactly what we wanted from Akkroo. New features have been added since we started using the software which shows Akkroo is constantly improving.”

Charlotte Boaden, Events Manager at Tribal Group