The Lead Generation Secret for Congress and Event Exhibitors

Learn how a change in your lead capture process can turn exhibiting at trade shows and congresses into a powerful, effective and measurable marketing channel.


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  • The secret to generating more good-fit event leads
  • How common lead capture tools are holding you back
  • How you can be the one to fix your organisation’s broken lead capture processes
  • Why changing your lead capture tool can help you outpace the competition

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Our clients love using Akkroo to capture more qualified leads at events. Here’s why…

  • Akkroo has meant 99% accurate lead collection at every event, big or small, and put all of our leads in one place, ready for prompt post-event action.



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  • Our team immediately found that Akkroo speeds up the event lead capture process. We are now able to follow up on hot event leads quickly to nurture relationships and close new deals.
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  • Akkroo takes a 360-degree view of capturing and managing leads. It makes all of our lives easier and saves us a great deal of time. We didn’t know how much we needed it until we got it.


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